The Macedo Dantas, Ramalho, Mendes & Mariz Lawyers and Associates Law Firm, founded in 2004 in Natal/RN, gathers a group of experienced and dynamic attorneys infused with the spirit of professional responsibility and the compromise of seeking excellence in economic and legal results for the clients.

With expertise in the areas of Tax Law, Financial Law, Business Law, Criminal Business Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Real Estate Law, Energy Law, Trade Union Rights and Electoral Law, the Firm promotes legal consultancy and acts in administrative and judicial litigation, in all instances, especially before higher courts.

In Business Law, the Firm stands out in the recovery of social security, financial and tax credits, aiming for the economic empowerment of our clients, besides offering defense in criminal prosecutions that may involve tax order and the national financial system.

Recently, the Macedo Dantas, Ramalho, Mendes & Mariz Lawyers Associates Law Firm has started acting in environmental and urban licensing processes and notably in the energy area, providing assessment in the development of projects of wind and solar parks.

The Firm also offers defense for political agents (Governors, Mayors, Parliamentary, Secretaries), in the judicial and administrative spheres, especially in criminal charges of improper conduct and administrative processes before the Court of Auditors of the Union (Tribunal de Contas da União).

The Firm also provides services of advocacy and legal device in favor of innumerous cities of the states of Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe and Bahia; associations that represent working classes, such as the Federation of Industries of Rio Grande do Norte (Fiern), Federation of the Counties of Rio Grande do Norte (Femurn), Association of the Counties of Barra do Cotinguiba e Vale do Japaratuba (Ambarco), Association of the Counties of the Central South Region of Sergipe (Amurces) and Federation of the Counties of the state of Sergipe (Fames) -; hospitals; industries; building companies; unions; fuel distributors; gas stations; besides innumerous private companies in the most varied areas of economic performance in Brazil and Europe, such as Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish companies.

Finally, the Firm has developed its legal services and established functional private representations in Natal (RN), Brasília (DF) and Aracaju (SE), besides functional representations through associate offices in Recife (PE), Salvador (BA), Fortaleza (CE), João Pessoa (PB), São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Porto Alegre (RS), Curitiba (PR), Campo Grande (MS), Rio Branco (AC), Maceió (AL) and Porto Velho (RO). This allows for the most complete judicial assessment in favor of our clients in any part of the country.



Attorney and founding partner of the Firm. Bachelor in Law by the Universidade Potiguar, Natal/RN, 2002. Specialist in Public Law by the Instituto Brasiliense de Direito Público – IDP-, Brasília (DF), 2003. Advisor to the General Attorney of the Republic, Brasília (DF), 2002-2005. Attorney General of the city of Natal (RN), 2009-2012. President of the Administrative Council of the Company of Urban Services of Natal – URBANA -, 2010-2012. Special performance in the areas of Business, Criminal Business, Administrative, Environmental, Real Estate, Energy and Union Law.


Attorney. Bacharel in Law by the Law School of the Centro Universitário de Brasília – FADI/UniCeub – in Brasília (DF), 2004. Specialist in Public Law by the Instituto Brasiliense de Direito Público – IDP -, in Brasília (DF), in 2005. Specialist in Criminal Law by the Escola Superior do Ministério Público da União – ESMPU -, Brasília (DF), 2009. Advisor of the Office of the Prosecutor General, Brasília, 2003-2010. Prosecutor General Substitute of the city of natal, 2010-2012. Currently holds the position of Director General Substitute of Procon of the city of Natal. Expertise in the areas of Business, Criminal business, Administrative and Environmental Law.


Attorney and administrator of the Firm’s headquarters in Brasília. Bacharel in Law by Universidade Potiguar, Natal (RN), 2003. Specialist in Constitutional Law by the Instituto Brasiliense de Direito Público – IDP -, Brasília (DF), 2006. Expertise with the Superior Courts and in the areas of Electoral and Constitutional Law.


Attorney and founding partner of the Firm. Bacharel in law by the Universidade Potiguar – Laureate International Universities, Natal (RN), 2006. Specialist in Criminology, Criminal Law and Criminal Proceedings by the Universidade Potiguar Laureate International Universities, Natal (RN). Expertise in the areas of Business, Criminal Business and Administrative Law.

Wilson Ramalho Cavalcanti Neto

Attorney and founding partner of the Firm. Bacharel in Law by the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte – UFRN -, Natal (RN), 2005. Specialist in Tax Law by the Universidade Anhanguera – Uniderp (SP). Expertise in the areas of Tax, Financial, Business and Administrative Law.

Victor José Macedo Dantas

Attorney and founding partner of the Firm. Bacharel in Law by the Universidade Potiguar, Natal (RN), 2000. Prosecutor of the city of Parnamirim, 2000-2002. Auditor of the Sports Court of Law of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, 2001-2009. Coordinator of the Legal Advisory of the Secretary of State of Infrastructure of Rio Grande do Norte, 2003-2009. Legal adviser of the Federation of Commerce of the State of Rio Grande do Norte – Fecomercio -, 2005-2008. Chief of the Legal Unit of the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio Grande do Norte – Fiern -, 2006-2007. State Deputy Secretary of the Secretary of State of Infrastructure of Rio Grande do Norte, 2009-2010. Tutelary advisor of the Order of Attorneys of Brazil, Sector of Rio Grande do Norte. Expertise in the areas of Business, Constitutional, Administrative, Environmental, Real Estate, Energy, Union and Electoral Law.



  • Consultancy and tax planning;
  • Preparation of legal opinions;
  • Administrative and Judicial Litigation - acting in all instances in administrative proceedings (Federal, State and Municipal Revenue,
  • Taxpayers Advice and INSS);
  • Review procedures under the applicable law;
  • Preparation of tax routines manual;
  • Tax recovery: federal, state and municipal levels;
  • Tax Law for counties;
  • Tax foreclosures.


  • Crimes against the tax order, money laundering, fiscal responsibility, misappropriation, larceny and falsehoods;
  • Crimes against the financial order: fraudulent/reckless management, sealed loans, accounting offenses and crimes of the Brazilian Corporate Law;
  • Crimes of the Bidding Law, crimes against consumers, against industrial property, against the economic order, against honor, environmental crimes, bankruptcy crimes and minor offensive crimes;
  • Legal advice: preventive counseling such as to avoid criminal accountability of mayors in crimes of fiscal responsibility and of partners/representatives of companies in crimes arising from business activities;
  • Acting in police investigations and criminal proceedings of the Prosecutor General and the Central Bank, as well as parliamentary committees of inquiry, including emergency legal assistance in case of protective or flagrant arrest, monitoring and counseling in interrogations, depositions and restitution of seized property;
  • Action as advisor of the accuser in crimes performed against the company.


  • Mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions;
  • Planning and corporate restructuring;
  • Drafting and negotiation of the "Shareholders Agreements";
  • Special contracts: Franchising, Factoring, commercial representation, broker, logistics operator;
  • Analysis and drafting of commercial contracts;
  • Asset protection via corporate planning;
  • Actions of friendly and contentious collection;
  • Business succession;
  • Bankruptcy law and corporate recovery;
  • CVM - Brazilian Securities Commission;
  • Advising the development of renewable energy parks - wind and solar.


  • Constitutional litigation, bringing the right actions of unconstitutionality, declaratory actions of constitutionality, pleas of non-compliance fundamental precept and warrant of injunction;
  • Analysis and drafting of contracts and administrative agreements;
  • Advice and litigation in bidding processes for procurement, contracting services and obtainment of administrative concessions, public-private partnerships (PPPs);
  • Advice and consultancy in the regulated areas, with representation before federal regulatory agencies (ANA, Anac, Anatel, ANP, ANS, Antaq, ANTT and Anvisa);
  • Defense preparation and monitoring of administrative litigation proceedings;
  • Litigation to protect the interests of the administration in the face of arbitrariness and / or irregularities committed by the government - of mandamus and class actions;
  • Administrative litigation in the courts of accounts of the States, TCU and CGU (the Comptroller General).


  • Recovery of tax credits to municipalities and states;
  • Administrative and judicial litigation - Legal Services processes with federal and state agencies;
  • Implementation of revenue, especially arising from oil and gas exploitation royalties;
  • Loss recovery by the Federal Government, INSS, Ministries and States;
  • Development of projects with the federal and international agencies and ministries in the areas of sanitation, education, health and modernization of tax authorities;
  • Consulting of revenue administration and private security;
  • Assessment, legal advice and emission of opinions on tax and administrative areas and biddings;
  • Advisory and legal advice aiming to implement and increase revenue collection;
  • Legal assistance for the preparation, review and amendment of the Municipal Tax Code, Code of Municipal Postures, Organic Law, as well as all municipal tax laws;
  • Defenses along the ECA's TCU and CGU;
  • Advice on environmental and urban licensing procedures.


  • Compensation action against the state for interference in the economic domain;
  • Pre-contractual civil liability;
  • Indemnity claims for breach of contract;
  • Liability business;
  • Indemnity claims arising from unjustified termination of business contracts;
  • Defense of the undertakings in damages actions promoted by consumers, due to defects in providing products or services.


  • Electoral assistance to parties, coalitions, candidates and pre-candidates.
  • Elaboration of representations, resources, oral arguments and other measures of administrative and judicial order before TRE and the Superior Electoral Court.


  • With A branch office in Brasilia, wide action in the Superior Courts based in the Federal Capital.


  • Advisory and defense in processes of Special Accounts Taking, Report Analysis, Complaints and Representations.


Rua Sachet,271 - Ribeira - Edificio Antônia Faustino - Natal/RN | Cep : 59.012-420 - Fone.: (84) 3202.3303